We provide great services

"I had a great time at Ucreate's last event launch for women in business 'The Entrepreneur Collection'. Great that it supports International Women's Day and you get to meet so many like-minded people, in such a relaxed, well balanced environment. Looking forward for the next one and my personalised delicious cupcakes. I would definitely recommend Ucreate for their networking events". - Lisa Spencer-Arnell (Nottinghaham, UK)

"Number one booking agency in the UK. Ucreate are my booking agents for management of my UK gigs. Because of my great relationship with the company, I have had some great opportunities and experiences as a result". - Dj LA (New York, USA)

"Hammond Imaging are Ucreate's business partner. We have such a strong, professional working relationship which has enhanced both business values and our service deliverance. Ucreate has grown and developed as a brand rapidly and is ever changing, together we share a time common goal. We hope to build more breathtaking events and projects with Ucreate in the near future". - Hammond Imaging (Nottinghamshire, UK) 

Why people believe in us

“I have tried other services that worked fine, but Ucreate is certainly the best of them all. It brings efficiency to a new level of simplicity when it comes to PR.”
Jane Faber, New York
“If you are looking for a quality company, I highly recommend this one. They are the very best in the field, no compromise.”
Johnathon Reid, London, UK
“The service is friendly and the results have always been incomparable to me. This is the best company I have ever personally worked with.” 
Maddie Taylor, Manchester, UK
“Very impressed. Everything was so straight forward and with perfection. My wifes 60th will be an event to remember. We'll be using Ucreate's Event Management services again.”
Rich Mellors, Nottingham, UK
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